Dracula & Dracula Touch – New NetEnt slot expected 23 April 2015



Dracula & Dracula Touch – Dracula is the new game from NetEnt. That is expected to be released 23 April 2015.

Do you know about the New NetEnt Slots Dracula? If you haven’t already read the news then what are you waiting for? It’s the latest rage in the world of casino. If you are a slots fan and love NetEnt slots then you would absolutely love what NetEnt has to offer now. NetEnt, along with Universal is going to release it’s amazing Dracula slots. NetEnt will release it on April 23rd 2015.



So, what is the New NetEnt Slots Dracula about?

The New NetEnt Slots Dracula is more than just a game. It has amazing graphics that feature Count Dracula. Yes, from the pages of the author Mary Shelly. Although there have been many Draculas that Hollywood has given us since then, NetEnt Dracula is going to be a force to reckon with. You can watch the brooding Dracula in his cape at the side of the reels. The amazing sounds and special effects are mind blowing and let’s be honest, give you the chills too. Overall, the look of the new slot by NetEnt is excellent and for the slot buffs, it’s highly recommended. The best feature of the New NetEnt Slots Dracula is the “Bat” feature. It will give you goosebumps, it’s so good.

What are the other features of New NetEnt Slots Dracula?

Apart from the very interesting Bat feature, there are a lot of other features that you are going to love. When the slots stop spinning, you can see the bats turn into a symbol. The slot is very interesting and NetEnt has done a wise thing by tying up with Universal to work on their terrific new slot game. The game also has the regular Free Spins, stacked Wilds, stacked symbols and regular Wild symbols. So, are you waiting for the game with bated breath? Well, don’t worry so is everyone!
Dracula & Dracula Touch – New NetEnt slot expected 23 April 2015
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