Spiffx – 10 eur Free Bet No Deposit Required

SpiffX 10 no deposit


Spiffx The alternative Betting Exchange – Spiffx is the worlds leading alternative betting exchange where you can profit if the odds go your way. Try our SPIFFINDEX, and bet on both pre-play and in-play.

Exchange your betting universe…

Spiffx is the world’s leading alternative betting exchange where you can back (bet for) and lay (bet against) in one bet. This will lock your future profit in advance and you will leverage if the odds go your way.

Spiffindex basic fundamentals are to take advantage of the trading element dealing with odds i.e lay and back. Using Spiffindex the difference between a lay and a back can be obtained using only a small amount of the underlaying bet to achieve the same result.

No Deposit Required €10 Free Bet for all new players!

Try now this Betting Exchange with a free bet of €10.

Promo Code must be added free10

 10 € possible withdraw after 10 € matched and original deposit to verify bank account.


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Two markets – same results – different strategies…

How it works?

1. Spiffindex:

– Choose a team to win or draw and the odds to be under or over Spiffindex.

– If your team wins and the price have moved your way, you can get multiple leverage on your bet.

– Weighted market price

– Focus on odds’ movement

– Leverage on the winnings if the odds go your way

– Combine with Darkpool to maximize your bet

– Profitability check options before placing bet

2. Darkpool:

– Back/Lay your team

– Best net price

– Mid-price acceptance option

– Auto hedge-friendly commission

– Easy API integration


Terms and conditions
– Bonus for new customers at Spiffx
– Bonus can only be used on Spiffindex and Darkpool.
– The bonus can be used to play immediately. To withdraw bonus we require deposits to identify account- and bank holder (must be the same) and the bonus must be wagered (matched) 1 times.
– Spiffx’s terms and conditions apply. We only allow one account per person.
– Spiffx reserves the right to block withdrawals if we suspect misuse of the bonus.
– The maximum bonus is 10 €.
Spiffx – 10 eur Free Bet No Deposit Required
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